achey, breaky feet

tshirt: gap/ pants, sandals, necklace: f21 (wow)

Realizing my outfit is comprised mostly of items from Forever 21 is embarrassing. I can’t quite place my finger on why but it is probably because I feel like I should really be thrifting more and because Vivienne makes me want to be a better person with posts like this and this and this. You really need to read those posts. And follow Vivienne from A Thrifted Shift. Really.

I’d also like to tell you all that my feet hurt. I have gone from sitting in a chair 8+ hours a day to running around on my poor feet for 8+ hours a day. I love the fact that I am moving now and busy at work and loving what I do but I do not love the aching of my feet. I had no idea what it was like to be on my feet all day. And now I do. So here is where you all come in. I need shoe suggestions. Know of any comfortable and cute yet supportive flats? Anyone?!

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27 responses to “achey, breaky feet

  1. louloudowntown

    Congratulations on your new job! Very exciting … even if a little hard on the feet. I like your patterned pants. They remind me that I have a pair I haven’t dug out for a long while. Time to take another look at them!

  2. Wow, thanks for the glowing endorsement! Best post ever! Haha! But seriously- I love you a little bit extra today, thank you. I wouldn’t feel any guilt about the F21 things you already own, I would wear the heck out of them so they don’t get wasted! So keep rocking those awesome pants! As for comfy flats, it’s probably a blogger faux pas, but I’d go check out the crocs website. I’ve been wearing their Alice mary jane flats for years and they’re pretty great. Once, in an odd circumstance, I even ran a mile in them! Have a great day!

  3. Love those fun pants. For comfy flats… maybe some nice loafers, or I have this black pair from Mia that are just the most comfy ones I own.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Most of my outfits are F21 so don’t feel too bad! We can’t all be like Vivienne :)

    I worked retail for a few months and I have to say, no matter what shoes I wore, my feet were so tired at the end of the day (not to mention my back). Flats with arch support are probably the best though.

    The Tiny Heart
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  5. Another adorable outfit, Hannah! And sorry to hear about the achy feet. I remember how bad my feet hurt when I first started working retail. But definitely check out Born and Aerosoles. Both are great companies who offer supportive shoes. I bought a pair of Aerosoles and they saved my knees and feet. Just take the time to browse for a cuter pair. If you’re willing go with a slightly “older” look and spend the cash, check out Dansko. Both my aunt and mother wear them in the nursing feild and they swear by them.


    Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  6. Looking good! lol at the f21 overload. Its still pretty :) Good luck finding shoes. Im not really up on the flats for comfort thing.

  7. I have n0o shoe suggestions. I am still looking for a comfortable pair of shoes. However, I swear by arch bandages. I wear mine when I get home for a couple of hours, or sometimes with my shoes if I am hurting really bad and no one will see my feet. They are lifesavers and less than $10 for a pair- you can get them in the splints and bandages section at any pharmacy!

  8. crazystylelove

    I literally feel your pain! My feet hurt all of the time!! Unfortunately I don’t have any comfortable flat suggestions, but would love to read some from other commenters. You look adorable, as usual. Thanks for introducing me to Vivienne. . .her blog is great!

    xo Jenny

  9. My Born boots are my absolutely most comfortable shoes for standing in. I do also like Aerosoles and Nine West flats aren’t too bad either.

  10. your pants are awesome, bet they’re comfortable, too!

  11. Awww dont worry you’ll settle in to your new job in time my dear…you’re looking great in this outfit!!


  12. Every time I see you in these pants I get crazy jealous. Love them so much!


  13. Ok so I looked at the dankso website, there are a few pairs of boots and ankle boots that you MIGHT be able to get away with as fashionable. They are worth every penny. I have no feet or back pain after a 12+ hr shift. Take a peak biff.

  14. i don’t know a thinkg about comfy flats. or flats in general. so i’m useless to you today. sorry! but, you do look lovely in these amazing pants! and i am so happy that you are loving your job!

  15. ahhh really love the print of the pants! x

  16. Cute pants!! As far as comfy footwear, I love supportive flats. You can also buy just any old, regular flats (think Target) and then add your own pads inside which is what I do a lot. I have some arch support pads that I bought in a running store and they help when I need to stand all day.

  17. Haha, so funny, I just discovered your blog through Vivienne’s that I have been reading since quite a long time, I think since she began blogging. It’s so great what she does with thrifting and cost per wear, I also sometimes feel bad about buying always new things (and no good things like zara, forever21 and h&m), but I really find it difficult to dress ethic. But I think even small things help – like not buying everything there or just rethinking about it.
    And flats, well, I’d invest a bit and opt for some real leather flats, they are way better for the feet ;-) Shoes are actually the one thing were I really rely on quality, because my feet are very sensitive and I get blisters easily!

    xxx Anita

  18. Love these pants paired with a bright top, gorgeous girl :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  19. I haven’t been to F21 since they don’t have any stores in my country but from so many blogs I can understand how popular that store chain is! and your F21 items are pretty sweet together. I like the look!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  20. When I worked retail I had this one pair of Naturalizer loafers that I wore basically every day. Comfortable, but still somewhat fashionable brands- naturalizer, aerosoles, born, b.o.c.

  21. cute pants!!

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  22. Hiya Hannah! I’m passing on the Liebster award to you! Have you seen this yet? I hope I’m the first to share it with you!!
    Go here: Liebster Award

    More Charming In Person

  23. but those pants are so CUTE! I love me some ballet flats with comfort inserts (yes I am like an 80 year old)…

  24. I have the same issue! Maybe aerosole’s? I don’t tend to wear flats, when I do they are mostly flip flops. I’m 5’4, so I wear a lot of heels :/


  26. Love the pants, and congrats on the new job. As a nurse, I hate to admit it, but when I used to work 12 hour shifts I would wear crocs….totally hideous, but my feet felt amazing :)

    The Other Side of Gray

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