as is



jacket: express/ tee: raw edged v-neck by anthropologie/ denim: urban/ belt: obi belt byfree people/ boots: petty boot by sam edelman/ beanie: target

There is so much I have to say. I couldn’t decide where to start, what to put in the middle and then how to end it in a witty remark. So I am just going to word vomit all over this post.


My personal style is evolving and I have documented none of it as of late. But I think that if you look at the outfit in this post, and then maybe just gander back to this post, you can see just how far I’ve come. I couldn’t be more excited for this evolution (so ridiculous I just called my personal style an evolution but, really, a personal style blog? So ridiculous). I know this change has come from my new job and feeling inspired in new ways daily. But I also think posting my outfits and studying what makes me feel best has also lent a hand. I am not preppy unless I try to be. I am not overtly feminine unless I try to be. But I am grungy, slouchy, edgy, boho and quirky as is. As is sounds just right these days.


My dad gave me his tripod months ago. This is my first foray in self photographing with it and I think the evidence is clear: these photos are better than my usual. Searching for a spot to take photos today outside of my driveway was fun. I feel renewed about the prospects of my blogging. Renewed!


This belt!

8 responses to “as is

  1. Glad to see you back Hannah! Love the leather jacket and edgy look and happy to hear you feel renewed :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. SOOOOOO happy to see you blogging again. Hopefully this isn’t a tease and you’ll be back in full force. I mean afterall, you were the inspiration to my horrible fashion blog! xoxoxo

  3. …and i typed my own site wrong –….

  4. Missed you biff.

  5. Woohoo! Glad to see you’re back!

  6. It’s nice to see you back in full force….& it seems you lost a lot of weight beautifully!!!


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