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spoiled and i know it

As I already mentioned, it was my 26th birthday yesterday. Over the weekend my dad, sisters, brother-in-law and my hubby threw me a BBQ at my house to celebrate early. They spoiled me with gift cards to buy a new camera (I think we can all agree that is necessary), a camping table, mess kit and a new iphone! On Sunday my mom took me on a shopping trip to Nordstrom’s and then out to lunch to celebrate. Total birthday brat.

Last night, Matt took me out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants with my biffle Kimmy and her fiance Dunn and my good friends Meg and Vinh. And now I am going to do something I never do: a post entirely filled with iphone photos. Shameful! But please know that tomorrow you will have a real outfit post of what I wore to dinner with my real (and soon to be replaced) camera. Know it!

me and my biffle Kimmyshe said we look like a love pretzel in this pic. i agree. she gifted me two amazing bangles and a cat miniature. crazy cat lady gifts continue! 

me and meg. her and vinh gave me a book on how to repurpose old books in hundreds of different ways. vinh works with leather and made me a leather book mark and a leather tag that he branded my last name on. o and meg made me some jams. not kidding. are they diy pros or what?

making a wish. or just looking fab. you decide.

Matt and me after dinner.

completely necessary to show you all the amazingness that is this picture.

This is now the end of the longest birthday post ever.

birthday chicken wings

blazer: f21/ blouse: francesca’s/ pants: j.crew/ heels: kenneth cole, old

This is what Hannah (third person just seemed right) wears to go to a business-like meeting. This look feels conservative to me.  It must be the combination of black trousers with a blazer. Although I am aware that wearing a sideways chevron print blouse with a pink blazer to a business meeting is not at all conservative to most. Let’s call this outfit a meeting mullet: business on the bottom and fun on the top.

Today is a special day. It is Matt’s birthday! The first birthday that I celebrated with him was 8 years ago. I took him on a 10 mile hike and had packed us a lunch to eat while on the trail. Of course at that time I was a hiking novice as Matt had just gotten me into it. The lunch I packed was, let’s just say, odd. I mean, left over chicken wings is something you bring while on a day hike, right?! And then when you make the container that you packed them in so difficult to open that when you finally do get the top off, the chicken wings spill down the rock you are sitting on…that is normal, right? Thanks to Matt, I have learned that you don’t take chicken wings for lunch on a 10 mile day hike. I have learned alot of other important lessons too. But this one has a special place in my heart.  I mean, the kid stuck around to celebrate more birthdays with me even though I spilled his birthday chicken wings.

Also. I am linked up today with Marionberry Style for her Trend of the Month: Colored Blazers. Thanks Marion!!


blouse: h&m, recent/ jeans: gap, old/ wedges and earrings: target, old/ cuff: loft

I felt like channeling my inner Moonchild today. That’s right. Moonchild, not flower child. My mom called me Moonchild growing up as my nickname. I like to think it was for my free spirit and relaxed vibe. But I am pretty sure it was based on my tendency to be a bit spacey and laid back almost to a fault.  Anyways, Moonchild wanted to wear flares and a flowy top and a somewhat 70’s-esque hair do (honestly it is just a slightly teased ponytail with my hair covering some of my ears). So I let her.

I won’t lie to any of you. Moonchild is the perfect nickname for me even now. I have mastered knowing when to remain laid back and when I need to step it up, but that came with age and life experiences.

Want to know my little sister’s nickname from my mom? Wormbutt. I think I won in the nickname department.

p.s.- happy, happy, happy birthday to be dear friend Meg!

a post from a bad blogger having a pity party for herself

friday night dinner date turns into hannah trying on mister’s coveralls

sunday snuggles with two of our three cats

mister and vinh go caving on a tuesday- see mister up there?

actually, vinh hikes to a certain point and then watches mister go caving

this is vinh at the mini cave.

tuesday dinner made by yours truly: chicken stir fry in a peanut/sriracha sauce

I have been having a serious Hannah pity party the last few days. This has resulted in no picture quality outfits, among other things. One would think that since I have acknowledged that what is going on in my head is a total pity party I would be able to get myself out of this funk but that has yet to happen. Since this blog keeps me honest, I am going to do myself a service and state the following:  Tomorrow there will be an outfit post.


blouse:j.crew, thrifted/jeans:loft/jacket:express/loafers:steve madden

Friday the 13th! I am a crazy superstitious person. I blame my mother. Her crazy superstitions seemed to have multiplied when she passed them onto me. I am so superstitious that I can’t write events, birthdays, anniversaries or parties on a calendar. I am convinced that if I write them down, I jinx them and they won’t happen. So any person that I love that has a birthday coming up, I don’t write it down so that they actually get to that birthday. Even as I write that, I know how crazy it is. But hey, I want my loved ones to get to that next birthday. I am doing them a favor, right?