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Friday Procrastination

Some fun stuff to check out from around the internet this week:

You are all probably aware of my obsession with Beth Jones but this week she made my obsession grow ten fold. She did an entire week of posts called “My Week with Marilyn.” She recreated Marilyn Monroe looks entitled “The Classic,” “Feminine, Flirty and Fabulous,” “Simple and Sweet” and “Swirling.” Every outfit Beth created is spot on Marilyn Monroe. She even posted a hair tutorial video and a make up tutorial video so we can try to be Marilyn too.  Not only did the looks inspire me, something Beth wrote did as well: “Normally, when wearing a body hugging dress, I would pull out the spanx and suck it all in.. but this time I heard Marilyn say, ‘let’s embrace the imperfections.. and be the woman that you are’.  Thanks Marilyn.. I think I will.”  If you do one thing on this Friday, it has to be reading this series.

Alicia from Cheetah is the New Black went from dark brown hair to this amazing red. I can’t get enough of it (I really want this hair color. I really do).  Check out her blog- her style has just the right amoung of edge and quirk. I mean, look at that sweater!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Drink wine, eat chocolate, buy something amazing. Whatever. Just make sure it is fabulous (I know I will).